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Savusavu Accommodation - Resorts, B&B's, Cottages, Beach Shacks

Choose from the many different resorts, beach cottages and guest houses for your stay in Savusavu. From luxury 5 star resorts to your simple “shack” on the beach, there is something for all budgets.

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Savusavu accommodation

Savusavu Activities

Savusavu activities

Scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, mountain bikes, swimming, golf, tennis, sailing, fishing, overnight yacht charters, trekking, easy hikes to waterfalls, rain-forests & streams will satisfy the active visitor.

Savusavu offers a full range of things to do during your stay, from participating in active sports to watching the local boys play rugby, from tours and shopping to soaking up the sun and reading, Savusavu has it all.

News from the Savusavu Tourism Association
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Activities / Sighting
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Our Location

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Located on the second largest island in Fiji but certainly not overly developed, Savusavu is described as Fiji's Hidden Paradise. While it is an extra flight or boat trip from Nadi or Suva, we know that you’ll be glad you made the journey.   Come meet some of the friendliest people in Fiji!

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